Welcome to Our Startup Ecosystem

The University of Delhi on 1st May, 2022 has entered into the glorious centenary year. As an Institution of Eminence, the University of Delhi remains committed towards making a significant contribution to society through its research and other academic activities. In accordance with its mission, the University of Delhi has established its own incubator, the Udhmodya Foundation, which helps people transform their ideas into successful ventures by giving them the tools and support they need to get through typical roadblocks and improve their chances of success.

The word Udhmodya symbolises the rising Sun embarking on a journey to success through innovation. To make this a reality, University of Delhi, the epicenter of knowledge, has established a Section-8 company, Udhmodya Foundation in its pursuit of entrepreneurial endeavors. The core objective of the foundation is to drive innovation by supporting budding entrepreneurs to ideate, collaborate, develop their ideas and grow their startups.

Our Vision

To create and empower a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem where ideas inspire, innovate and sustain.

Our Mission

Support and nurture innovators, new and early-stage enterprises to help them become successful and sustainable.

Upcoming Event


Workshop on Cyber Security and Startups

The Udhmodya Foundation in association with Thinkcyber India presents "Workshop on Cyber Security and Startups". Join us for a crucial workshop dedicated to empowering cybersecurity enthusiasts with the tools and knowledge to thrive.

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  • Apr
  • 24
  • 2024
  • 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
  • Room No. 313, 3rd Floor, Maharishi Kanad Bhawan, North Campus, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007

Our Core Values

Fostering a Culture of Innovation

Udhmodya foundation is determined to promote a culture of innovation and creativity, and to encourage out-of-the-box ideas and experimentation.

Envisioning a Community of Startups

Our core philosophy is to build an inclusive and diverse community of startups and entrepreneurs where collaboration, knowledge sharing, and mentorship is valued.

Driving Economic Growth

Committed to boost economic growth of our country through the success of startups and development of innovative products and services in pursuit of the government’s target to achieve a $5 trillion economy.

Connecting Startups with Resources

The foundation facilitates its network of investors, industry experts and key stakeholders to help the startups secure funding, partnerships and other resources.

Providing Incubation Facility in Hybrid Mode

We provide shared office space and labs to its incubate-startups, allowing them to work in a collaborative environment and access all the necessary infrastructure in physical as well as virtual modes.

Catalyst for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The overall vision of the Udhmodya foundation is to be a catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship, playing a key role in the development of new businesses and the growth of the broader startup ecosystem.

State of the Art Facilities

Office Space

It provides startups with dedicated office space fully equipped with desks, chairs, and other necessary office equipments. This office space is designed to provide a professional working environment for startups, which can help them build credibility and foster collaboration among team members.

High-Speed Internet

Fast and reliable internet access is essential for any modern startup to operate efficiently. Udhmodya Foundation provides startups with high-speed internet access to ensure that they can communicate and work online without any disruptions or delays.

Meeting Room

It provides startups with dedicated space fully equipped with desks, chairs, and other necessary office equipment to provide a conducive platform and environment for productive brainstorming sessions to collaborate and translate ideas into actionable plans.

Pre-Incubation Facilities

These have been tailor-crafted in consultation with the experts to deliver comprehensive solutions for the initial stages of startup. This makes the entire process smooth during the incubation process and allows autonomy in decision making for executing the programs with regard to innovation, IPR and Startups.

Mentorship and Coaching

Access to experienced mentors and coaches is a valuable resource that the Foundation provides to its startups. Mentors and coaches with their expertise can provide startups with right kind of guidance, advice and networking opportunities to enable them to navigate the challenges of starting and growing a business.

Networking Events

Udhmodya Foundation regularly organises networking events, workshops and ideathons to help startups connect with other entrepreneurs and industry experts. These events provide startups with opportunities to learn from others, share experiences, and develop new partnerships.

Access to Funding

The Foundation has partnerships with venture capitalists or angel investors who are keen in investing in early-stage startups. These partnerships provide startups with access to funding and investment opportunities that can help them scale their businesses.

Legal and Financial Services

Services such as accounting, legal advice and tax consultation are important resources that the Foundation may provide to startups. These services can help startups streamline complex legal and financial issues which can be challenging for their early-stage businesses.

Shared Services

Shared services such as IT support, administrative assistance and marketing support can help startups cut down on cost and focus on their core business activities. The Foundation may provide access to these shared services to help startups minimize their operational costs and improve their efficiency.

Round-the-clock Support

The Foundation provides access to its facilities and extends round-the-clock support to all the startups.