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The University of Delhi on 1st May, 2022 has entered into the glorious centenary year. As an Institution of Eminence, the University of Delhi remains committed towards making a significant contribution to society through its research and other academic activities. In accordance with its mission, the University of Delhi has established its own incubator, the Udhmodya Foundation, which helps people transform their ideas into successful ventures by giving them the tools and support they need to get through typical roadblocks and improve their chances of success.

The word Udhmodya symbolises the rising Sun embarking on a journey to success through innovation. To make this a reality, University of Delhi, the epicenter of knowledge, has established a Section-8 company, Udhmodya Foundation in its pursuit of entrepreneurial endeavors. The core objective of the foundation is to drive innovation by supporting budding entrepreneurs to ideate, collaborate, develop their ideas and grow their startups.

Our Vision

To create and empower a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem where ideas inspire, innovate and sustain.

Our Mission

Support and nurture innovators, new and early-stage enterprises to help them become successful and sustainable.

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Faculty Development Programme on Design Thinking and Innovation

Applications are invited for one week faculty development programme on Design Thinking and Innovation for faculty members of University of Delhi from 14-21 May 2024.

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